Meet (Y)our Team

  • bill2

    Bill McKeag

    Group Chairman, CEO & Founder

    Group Chairman and Founder of The TLI Global Group in 1995. Acknowledged as an expert in the field of gold mining, processing and trading, he contributes over 30 years of experienced business management to the group, and holds many corporate and governmental contacts at the very highest level worldwide.

  • jaun

    Juan J. Lopez

    Vice President

    Highly experienced precious metals trader with over 16 years in the commodities and futures market ranging from localization products at source to the final placement of the product with consumers, and services relating to the entire value chain, including activities such as procurement, trading, refining, processing, storage and distribution.

  • craig

    Craig Holborn

    Head of Strategy

    Formerly a CEO of a UK plc, and currently holding executive and non-executive positions with various organisations, Craig offers a wealth of business acumen and advises GGR on business strategy and expansion. A comprehensive understanding of international trading, his particular focus lies in identifying emerging markets and optimising GGR’s financial return from value-add products & services.

  • Raymond

    Raymond Bryden

    Regional Director Africa

    With over 20 years’ experience in international business and international market and a well-connected professional with excellent ties in Africa and China. Very closely associated with TLI since its inception. Extremely knowledgeable in Gold trading and a master of negotiation and sales and marketing.

  • team

    Peter Walters

    Director of Mining (Ores and Metals) Regional Director – Australia/New Zealand

    With over 35 years’ experience in international business, ranging from exports, transport, trading and mining on all continents (e.g. Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Iron-ore), he has travelled extensively during this time and is closely networked with most of the major companies in the field of mining and procurement.

  • AO

    Alan Oliver

    Operations and Compliance Director

    UK trained contracts and compliance specialist with years of experience serving with top level blue chip organisations involved in mining, drilling, outsourcing and supply. General legal counsel and compliance expert.

  • kieth

    Keith Roberts

    Regional Director (USA)

    Motivated, highly experienced, and well-connected sales management professional with excellent ties to both African and South American gold suppliers. Also closely involved in mining, drilling, outsourcing and supply from source.

  • Craig John Constant

    Regional Director – West Africa

    Craig has been involved in Diamond and Gold trading throughout West Africa for nearly twenty years. He is extremely focused on supporting our Artisanal & Alluvial Mining Partners, thereby enabling them to better manage their resources, whilst simultaneously assisting the exportation and trading of these valuable resources to Dubai. Craig is also heavily involved in the management and sourcing of our funding and investment partners, via our mining and infrastructure projects across the African Continent.

  • team

    Robert Fitch

    Sales & Marketing Director

    Vast skills and expertise accumulated over a 35 year period and has established a proven acumen for Sales & Marketing. Extensively travelled and closely networked with major companies and various Government officials. Robert was appointed as the Official Attaché for Overseas Investment to the Dominican Republic in 2004 and works closely with African and Asian Governments as well as with several other Gold producing countries.


  • team

    Ahmad Al-Falasi

    Director of Middle East and Asian Affairs

    Well-known, highly respected and influential UAE national from Abu Dhabi now based in Dubai, with excellent senior level contacts throughout the Middle East and Asia. Main GGR and TLI Global interface with all Middle Eastern and Asian Governmental departments, including Customs and Immigration and all local ministries. Speaking Arabic, Hindi and English ensures a smooth flow of information between the company and all various parties.

  • Martin Benkenstein

    Advisor to the Board

    Martin Benkenstein has connected the Middle East and Africa for the past 47 years at a high level. He is rigorous and selective in appointing Gold Suppliers to our Group and has a deep understanding of both Middle East and African business culture and ethics.

  • Raymond Read

    Regional Director AFRICA

    Over 10 years experience in trading high-end commodity and services, sales and logistics, with a vast knowledge of the African Continent and its laws and procedures. He has travelled extensively throughout Africa and currently also lives in Africa with his family. Concise operations coordinator with many high level political connections.

  • Patricia Paez

    South America Regional Director

    Patricia who is a native of Bogota, Columbia is well versed in the Emerald and Precious Stones market throughout South America with direct connections and contacts to the indigenous mining community throughout the territory. She enjoys close relationships with the major sellers and purchasers and has travelled extensively in the region and is well connected to the main European and Middle East markets, with a special relationship with Dubai in particular.